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A Holistic Fitness Approach to a Better Life


PURE H.I.I.T 10-Week Series

Receive consistent support and an incredible HIIT workout from an experienced fitness professional

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It’s hard to fit a solid, consistent workout routine into your busy day. It’s even harder staying on track when life gets messy or the motivation you once felt goes away.

I get it completely.

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Results really do come from consistency; I saw the incredible rewards it reaps in all my clients. But consistency only happens when you have direction, guidance, support, and focus. I am passionate in my service to helping others reach their goals.

The unique outdoor bootcamp is carefully designed into three distinct parts to increase your vitality and strength, lower your stress, and transform the way you care for your health:

The Workout

A variety-packed fat-burning HIIT workout. Minimal equipment. Both cardio and strength-based.

The Workshop

The second portion of the full-hour session is designed with the enhancement of your total health in mind. We set goals, track habits, and investigate all areas of our lives in order to shape the highest performing version of ourselves.


HIIT and mindfulness make a beautiful couple. Meditation caps off each session— a time to reset (with scientifically backed health benefits!).

There is no group fitness class this comprehensive on the market.

The holistic attention centered 10-Week model ensures that you develop the tools to enhance your fitness, health and TOTAL well-being.

The first class meets at South Beach Park, Santa Monica

Mondays: September 9th- November 25th (7am and 8am sessions)

Wednesdays: September 11th- November 20th (7am and 8am sessions)

50-min/session, 10 consecutive weeks (Holidays Factored In)

Here’s what you get with the PURE H.I.I.T 10-Week Series:

  • Weekly PURE H.I.I.T workouts outdoors

  • Fitness assessments on the 1st and 10th weeks

  • Goal setting guidance and accountability from a certified trainer with years of professional experience

  • Evidence-based activities to promote meaningful behavioral change

  • Access to the supportive Community Facebook group

  • An assortment of meditations/mindfulness activities

  • Nutrition instruction and guidance

  • Fun challenges (and prizes)!

The external and internal results you’ll see over 10 weeks of support and consistent effort will amaze you.

Give yourself the gift of health and wellness.


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The Nordic concept of spending time outdoors as a critical component of health (good luck pronouncing it).

An increasing number of studies are validating with hard evidence what we know to be true when we feel the sun on our backs or hear a stream in a forest: nature bestows a deep feeling of calm and very real mind/body benefits.

Pacific Beachside Fitness embraces this truth.

  • Lowered blood pressure and risk for other major health complications

  • Improved short-term memory

  • Boosted immune system

  • Reduced stress

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Improved mental health symptoms

  • Improved concentration (even for children with ADHD)


Holistic Attention

Health is big picture stuff. Yes, the Pacific Beachside workouts are absolutely fast-paced, fun, and elevate your level of fitness. But we must also consider other critical spheres of our lives—our environments, relationships, habits, schedules— to make meaningful change for a happy, healthy life.

Holistic Attention is understanding that every area of your life is in intimate contact, and each deserves attention.



Life is supposed to fun, remember?


The Pacific Beachside Fitness Series

Mondays: September 9th- November 25th

Wednesdays: September 11th- November 20th

1-hour/week, 10 consecutive weeks, 7am Sessions + 8am Sessions (Holidays Factored In)

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You Get:

  • 50-minute sessions meeting weekly

  • A fantastic fat-burning workout

  • Workshop component

  • 10-week holistic curriculum, guidance and accountability from a certified trainer with several years of professional experience

  • End-of-Session Meditation

  • Fun games and challenges

  • Access to the supportive Facebook Community


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