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 Personalized Health and Fitness Coaching for the Busy, Stressed Professional

A Mindfulness Approach


Healthy Weight, Greater Peace

Replace strict rules, diets and self-criticism with one-on-one health and fitness coaching

Life has gotten increasingly hectic.

You have important responsibilities, an endless to do list and high expectations to meet. And as stress levels rise, so do our waist measurements.


Soon we’re in the worst shape of our lives and don’t know how we got there.

And that just adds to our stress and overwhelm.


So we embark on strict diet plans and workout regimens and set demanding weight-loss goals with firm deadlines. We have a very fixed idea of what a fitness journey MUST look like.

And maybe it does work!

For a bit….then it doesn’t. The weight comes back despite our best efforts and moving the weighing scale’s needle becomes an ongoing battle. Frustration sets in.

And self-criticism. Defeat. Shame.

It’s a really tiring way to live.

And fortunately, completely unnecessary.

Working from the outside in doesn’t solve the underlying causes of our poor health. Without the proper systems, mindset and habits in place, you’ll be battling your body the same way your whole life.

To get a different result, you’ll need to try something different.

Why Mindful-based Coaching Works

Health and Fitness x Behavioral Science x Mindfulness

My Health and Fitness Coaching blends years of nutrition and professional fitness expertise with evidence-based research and philosophies that provide greater insight into our habits, emotions, and circumstances.



Your life, habits, and circumstances dictate the motion of the strategies, not the other way around. As your energy, comfort level, and health and fitness desires change, so do the strategies and plans we implement.

Sustainable Fat-Loss

Nutrition guidance and education, strategies for leading a more active lifestyle including customized workout plans.


Stress Relief

Countless studies back the very real benefits of practicing mindfulness including stress-relief. My practice implements tools to relieve much of the unnecessary stress we experience.

Evidence-based Strategy

We are as effective as our habits. Change is difficult, but the correct use of research in cognitive and behavioral science can ease the path and create the outcomes we are working towards.


Expert Support

Reliable, compassionate, evidence-based support from an industry professional whose only goal is to help you achieve the health changes you’ve been fighting so long to see.

Custom Workout Design

Custom fitness and habit coaching plans delivered on an easy-to-use, coaching platform also available as an app on your phone.